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Write It Out: The Journal as a Tool for Growth & Lasting Change: A Journal Writing Practice

Anyone can keep a journal. This practice doesn't require any particular level of writing talent. We bar the doors to the critics and judges (especially those in our own minds) and have playtime with writing. That leads to some serious writing.

There are endless options and styles of journal-writing. Write It Out Journal Workshops employ kinesthetic, sensory, and other methods in combination to access multiple sources of creativity and self-knowledge.

While it may seem counterintuitive to engage in private writing with other people, we find that the writing community helps all participants go more deeply into a journal-writing practice.

The central focus of our work involves the Big Questions in our lives. We develop habits of observation, reflection, meditation, movement, and playfully creating artwork in our process of inquiry. We ultimately meet our own wisdom and develop habits to access it more often and more deeply.

Heather facilitates journal writing workshops, and is working on a book to support a rich journal writing practice. She is heavily involved in a world-wide community of journal writers, workshop facilitators, and authors.

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